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Google Chrome Extensions for Social Marketing

Being a good juggler should probably be one of the necessary qualifications for a social media manager. Managing multiple social media accounts, keeping them updated, finding content for each of them and engaging with the audience; all of it can be time-consuming and difficult to accomplish in a single day. With all of these activities on hand, you are most likely using social media management tools that can help with the job. However, there are also a number of extensions on your Chrome browser that you can help make your job a little easier and can also save you loads of time.

These various Chrome extensions can help with content curation, bookmarking, passwords and a lot more. You can install these extensions on your Chrome browser so that they are handy, and can be used when you need them. Here’s a look at 15 Chrome extensions that you must try.


Momentum Chrome Extension

This is probably the first extension you want to install on your browser. A social media marketer’s worst enemy is distraction. Not to mention there are so many things that can easily distract you from what you are supposed to be doing. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, BuzzFeed – you name it. Once you install the Momentum extension, every time you open a new tab in your browser, you will see a beautiful, tranquil image and a small reminder of all the tasks you need to complete during the day.


Lastpass Chrome Extension

With the growing number of social media accounts you have to manage on a daily basis, remembering passwords is the last thing you want to be worried about. Resetting passwords is also a pain in the neck, and you definitely don’t want to take the risk of sharing the passwords with someone.

Lastpass remembers all your passwords for you. All you have to remember is one master password. Once you save all your passwords to this extension it can automatically log you into all your social media accounts. If you are using a different computer, you can sync all your passwords so that you can access it anywhere.

Pin It Button

Pinterest Chrome Extension

Like something on the web while browsing? Pinterest’s official Pin It extension helps you save interesting ideas from the web. You can save engaging articles, blog posts, news stories that you might want to use for your client’s social media accounts. With this extension, you can get easily inspired when you are running short on fresh content ideas.


DrumUp Chrome Extension

Need fresh content for your social media accounts? The DrumUp Chrome extension is a super helpful tool that gives you awesome content recommendations based on the story you may be reading on your browser. After installing the extension, you can click on the little DrumUp icon and the dropdown box will give you 10 story recommendations that are similar to the content you may already be reading.

The best thing about this extension is that you can share stories that you like via the DrumUp application. You can schedule the content to be published to your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts.


Grammarly Chrome Extension

With the Grammarly Chrome extension, you can send out emails and publish blog posts fearlessly knowing that they would be completely error-free. The Grammarly extension spots grammatical errors including punctuation, spellings and even awkward sentence structure, and also corrects your text. It can pick up contextual errors on Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and many other platforms. It can catch up to 250 different types of grammar errors and can also suggest better synonyms so that your sentences can make an impact instead of falling flat.


Nimbus Chrome Extension

As a social media manager, you probably use a lot of screenshots. They can be a pain sometimes especially if you have to paste the screenshot in Paint, crop it and save it. It’s quite a long process. With the Nimbus extension you can easily take screenshots and save them as well. The extension also allows you to record screencasts. So if you have to share a video showing someone how to use a certain application, Nimbus makes it really simple.

It also lets you edit your screenshots to include patterns, text and stickers.


OneTab Chrome Extension

If you are like me, you probably have a dozen tabs open while writing a post or an article. Having all those open tabs and bookmarking each one of them can be irritating. The OneTab extension allows you to save all your tabs in a list format. This way, even when you completely close your browser, you can go in again and open up all the saved tabs. You can even name the lists for easy access at a later time. You can open up the tabs one by one, or even open all of them at the same time. If you are working with others, you can even share your lists of tabs with them.


Giphy Chrome Extension

GIFs have gained a lot of popularity and can be seen in Facebook and Twitter posts and even in blog posts. They catch your audience’s eye right away and also add a funny twist to your content. Once you install the Giphy extension, you will have access thousands of amazing GIFs that you can include in your content. The search function in the extension is very powerful and can help you find any kind of reaction GIF that you may be looking for. Placing it within your content is even simpler. Just drag and drop a GIF you like or right click on the GIF to add it to your post. You will also be able to see popular GIFs whenever you use the extension.

Social Analytics

Social Analytics Chrome Extension

With the Social Analytics extension, you can view the number of social shares a specific blog post has received. Once you install the extension, you will see a button appear on your browser, and you only have to click it to be able to see the numbers. This extension lets you view shares on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn and also Pinterest. It’s quite a helpful tool if you want to understand how content spreads, or which network has the potential to get you the most number of shares.


Riffle Chrome Extension

The Riffle extension isn’t just for social media managers. It’s also a really helpful tool for those who work in marketing, sales, and other customer-service type jobs. Riffle lets you see popular users on Twitter giving you the opportunity to engage with users who are influencers in their fields. Using Riffle, you can see the number of followers a certain user has along with the number of retweets he/she has. You also have access to analytics, which enable you to map out your marketing strategies and have more engaging conversations with Twitter users.


RiteTag Chrome Extension

Want to know what the trending hash-tags are? Use the Ritetag Chrome extension. This extension suggests trending hash-tags for your content, and also recommends memes, images and GIFs that would suit your content. By adding the suggested images or memes, you can visually boost your content to make sure that your audience can easily spot it. Ritetag also comes with other features like shortened URL’s, analytics and bulk uploads.


Boomerang Chrome Extension

If you are vacationing on the glistening beaches of Hawaii, you are not going to have time to respond to emails. The Boomerang Chrome extension lets you schedule any important emails that need to be sent on a specific day. This is also a great extension to use when you are working with people who are in different time zones. Instead of waking up at odd hours of the night, and drafting an email, you can use Boomerang to schedule pre-written emails and have them sent out at your preferred time.


Sniply Chrome Extension

Add your own call to action to all your links. Using Sniply, you can embed your own personalized messages into articles to direct audiences to your website. Every time you add a link, Sniply will ask you if you want to also add a custom message and once you enter your message the link will convert into a Sniply link. Sniply works really well with Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, and the Sniply dashboard can also show you the exact number of clicks your link received. You can easily use Sniply to promote blog posts, for email signups and for capturing leads.



Rapportive lets you see detailed information about your contacts right from your inbox. Whenever you receive a new email, the Rapportive extension will let you see their job details and their LinkedIn profile. The extension helps you connect with new people and establish a good rapport with them. It helps you grow your network, and connect with like-minded people on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Using the extension, you can even leave comments or specific notes on your contact’s profile.

Logout 4 All

LogOut For All Chrome Extension

Done using your social media and email accounts? There is no need to individually sign out of each and every one of them. It can be quite frustrating to sign out especially when you are in a hurry. With the Logout 4 All extension, you can log out of all your accounts at once. The extension is easy to spot on your browser because it looks like a red power button. If there are any accounts you prefer to stay logged into at all times, you get the option of excluding those accounts from the extension.

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