Here at Search Engine People, we're always curious about how consumer habits differ between Canada and the United States - and how our clients can take advantage of this information. As part of our ongoing study into shoppers' willingness to buy from neighbouring countries, we were curious to find out if Canadians are more or less willing to buy from American brands than Americans are to buy from Canadian companies.

To find out where Canadians stand on American companies, we commissioned another Google Consumer Survey to get the answers we needed.

SEP asked, "At what point would you consider purchasing a $50 item (that you really want) from an American retailer rather than a Canadian retailer?"

Those surveyed were asked to choose from the following options:

  • Same Price
  • $45 (10% less)
  • $37.50 (25% less)
  • $25 (50% less)
  • I would never!

What Did We Learn?


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From our 1500 responses, we gathered a variety of interesting information in regards to whether or not Canadians will purchase from our southern neighbours. Some of the most notable findings included: