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Julian is an experienced search marketing director who has developed complex, wide-scale search and social campaigns for brands that include: P&G, The Source, Papa Johns, GiveSmart, and more.A published author on the concept of "Social SEO", Connors contributes to a number of recognized publications and speaks at digital marketing conferences throughout the country.


7 thoughts on “How To Create A Conversion Centered Keyword Strategy

  1. Julian, I think this is an excellent plan. One thing I would add though is that instead of relying to heavily on Google Keyword Planner search volume numbers, I would run a test campaign first and get the actual impression counts. Sometimes these numbers can be so far off, that developing a whole strategy around them is a waste of time. Best to check first with an actual ad to confirm or getting even more accurate search volume.

    1. Great point Mike, but are you suggesting that every keyphrase strategy should come equipped with a light PPC budget?

  2. Although it’s important to use keyword tools such as the Google Keyword Planner to compile an initial keyword list, this is only a small part of the strategy, The next step is to take the keywords and analyze each one in reference to the intent of the website. From there, you need to think about what each of the keywords will accomplish and how they work into the overall marketing plan. Since it’s important to find the most effective keywords for each situation, human analysis needs to be at the core of the strategy.

    1. Well said Nick, you hit the nail right on the head!

      Every business owner and strategist needs to go far beyond search volume when determining the true value of a particular keyphrase.

      Taking shortcuts or using some sort of automative process to create your strategy isn’t going to yield the type of results you’re looking for, nor is it going to tell you how to best allocate your resources when it comes to creating new content.

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  4. What tool would you use to “Record Who Currently Owns The Space Attached To Each Individual Keyword/phrase”, i’m not a SEO person with access to paid tools. Thanks.

  5. In my opinion using the multiple keyword analysis is good as long as you have the knowledge as what it is all about.

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