Ashton Kutcher became the first user to surpass 1 million followers . He beat out CNN in 2009 during a live stream broadcast from his home - CNET
  • Over 67% of Twitter users are likely to buy from a brand they follow  - Search Engine People
  • Between the months of January and April in 2014, more than 17 million Americans published a tweet about a TV show they were watching. During that period, well over 361 million tweets were shared about a TV show - Nielsen
  • Mobile users are more active on Twitter than desktop users  and are twice as likely to be active on the network when they wake up in the morning[/tweetable] - Twitter
  • eBay has the highest engagement ratings of any brand on Twitter , thanks to a total of 1,651,877 engagements in about 3 months. - Social Times
  • The most engaged industries on Twitter are retailers and restaurants , while those in the apparel industry are the least engaged. - Social Times
  • Katy Perry who has the most followers tweets an average of 96 times per month . This can be found by taking her total number of tweets (6,744) and dividing it by the number of months her account has been active (which is 70, since she joined in February 2009) - Twitter

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