Working in the digital marketing space is a double-edged sword. The constant change in the industry is what attracts many marketers. However, staying ahead of the curve can prove to be a significant challenge while balancing the day-to-day demands of your job.

Ive found that one major key to success is maintaining a tight reading list of blogs that address key areas in digital marketing " and today Im going to share my list with you. If I had 15 minutes a day to stay on top of whats happening in the industry, here are the top three places Id check.

1. Occam's Razor


Author: Avinash Kaushik, Digital Marketing Evangelist @ Google

Topics Covered: Analytics, Frameworks, Strategy, Career Advice

Why I Like It: Avinash is a clear communicator and does a great job of communicating concepts that range from executive-level strategy, down to in the weeds tips on reporting and communicating value. He isnt afraid to challenge the status quo, encourages readers to question mindsets and mentalities, and doesnt mince words about common pitfalls and mistakes made by digital marketers. As a plus, his posts also garner lots of discussion, and he often jumps back in to respond to specific questions.

Favourite Posts:

2. Baekdal / PLUS


Author: Thomas Baekdal, Founder @ Baekdal Media

Topics Covered: Trends, Analysis, Insights

Why I Like It: While Baekdal Plus requires a subscription ($9/month), Ive found the content to be well worth the investment. Ive found that Thomas content is often ahead of the curve and in an industry where many claim to be thought leaders, Ive found that his content is on the leading edge of relevancy (which is a good thing!). Similar to Occams Razor, content on Baekdal Plus challenges the way I think as a digital marketer and often leads me to step back and consider the work I do in a new light.

The author is kind enough to allow subscribers to share links to the full posts, so the links below will allow you to get a true sense of the type of content that is published.

Favourite Posts (free to read):

3. GrowthHackers


Author: User generated content

Topics Covered: Growth Hacking

Why I Like It: Growth hacking is definitely a buzzword, but I love the thought process " do a lot with a little by focusing on creativity, analytical thinking, iterative testing, and a fail fast mentality. I also love the Reddit-style community, with multiple contributors and the ability to upvote quality content.

Favourite Posts:

Because this site is a mix of third party links and user generated content, Id suggest you start on the Must Read tab and go from there! That being said, this article is an entertaining read about a fraternity member growth-hacking his way to better parties!

...And More...

While those are my go-to sources, there are plenty of other great sites. If you have more than 15 minutes a day, here are some additional resources you can check out!