Google plus is finally here folks; are you ready to test and play with the new tool Google has launched for social media enthusiasts?

If you are still unsure how Google Plus can change the social media scene then this post is for you.

What I Like About G+

  1. Facebook is great (otherwise it wouldn't reach over 600 million users) but to me there is something really fresh and new about the G+ interface. I missed this in Facebook (what are your thoughts?)
  2. Although Facebook lists work similar to G+ circles, Circles seems to me to be a more appropriate term. It's also there right from the start instead of an afterthought glued on and hurried deep.
  3. Video conference - calling up to 10 people is simply awesome for personal and business use.
  4. The Spark function makes it real easy to find and share content
  5. I see Huddle as the most underestimated function at the moment. With the increasing number of smart phones this could become the most popular function among the youngster segment.

You can check this video by Jason Falls from Social Media Explorer. It will give you a good idea about the G+ interface.

What A Listener Is Saying

Chris Brogan is one of my favourite blogger. He seems really excited about this new tool and written over five posts already in the last ten days only about G+.

You can check it out here

Getting Started

Excited to bet started? Check the following post by Kirsti Hines to get started easy and effectively.

How to get started with Google Plus - your complete guide.

How to Get a Short URL

Did you know that you can get a personalised URL for your G+ by visiting this link (like vanity URL for Facebook).

For example mine is, feel free to add me to your circle or ask if you need an invite to get started with Google plus in the comments below - I have few spare ones left 🙂

G+ For Businesses

Please do not create business entities on Google Plus yet; this is what Google says to everyone at the moment. G+ is launched for personal users only at the moment.

Curious how G+ will affect business? Read Why Google has the hammer to make businesses to use Google Plus by Jay Baer

Google plus for businesses is not here yet but you can request to participate in the test run, which will be launched first for few selected people later this year said by Google.

Click here to find out how you can participate.

I let you have fun with Google Plus now. Feel free to ask any question you may have in the comments section below.