Is Your Content Making a Good First Impression? [How To in GA]

First impressions matter, whether they are made offline by a sales representative, or online by a visit to your website. Is the content on your website making a good first impression? Which content resonates better with new visitors?

We can answer these questions by creating a custom report in Google Analytics.

Creating Custom Reports

Start by clicking the Custom Reports link found in the sidebar under My Customizations.

Google Analytics - Custom Reports

Then click on Create new custom report in the top right-hand corner.

Create New Custom Report

Dimensions and Metrics

Use the filter bar in the top left-hand corner and type in Page Title. Click and drag the green box into the main Dimension box.

Now do the same thing for Entrances, Bounce Rate, Pages/Visit, and Avg. Time on Site. Click and drag these into the blue metric boxes along the top row.

Save the report.

Custom Reports - Dimension and Metrics

Content Audit Analysis

Now that our custom report is created, let the analysis begin!

On the next page, change the second dimension from "None" to Visitor Type.

Second Dimension - Visitor Type

Add an advanced filter at the bottom, and filter Visitor Type to contain New Visitor.

Visitor Type - New Visitor

Voilà! You are now looking at a custom report that looks at only New Visitors to each page, sorted by the most visited on Entrance. Next to each entry are metrics (Bounce Rate, Pages/Visit, Avg. Time on Site) that shed insight into how well each page is resonating with new visitors.


Content Audit Analysis

Download This Custom Report

If you're stuck on any of the steps or don't have the time to go through this guide, you can access this custom report by simply clicking here: SA: Content Audit Analysis. (You must be signed in to Google Analytics.)

Enjoy! 🙂

About the Author: Shockley Au

Shockley combines digital marketing and innovative technologies to help businesses succeed. He is certified in Google AdWords, Google Analytics, and Bing Ads. Follow him on Twitter @ShockleyAu.

Shockley Au

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