I Don’t Have Time For This Social Media Thing!


So you are a small business owner who wears many hats. You have noticed the world at large using social media and you wonder how in the world you can make time for something like that.

Until you are actually IN the space you will not be able to understand how to manage your time. I am going to highlight some tips on how I optimize my time.

Schedule It

Decisions need to be made as to how much time will be spent and when.

Spot checking is not advisable when you are strapped for time. Multitasking rarely makes you more efficient.

Use Tools

I have tried out a variety of tools such as Hootsuite, Tweetdeck, Postling, and most recently Buffer. They all have options for you to schedule your posts to Twitter and Facebook. There are even paid versions available if the free one does not cut it.

Automation has its certain place but should not be the only approach. You have to remember to be part of the conversation.

Again there are options and tools to let you know if someone has responded to something you have posted. You can modify this in your Twitter and Facebook settings.

I have separate folders in my email inbox so that any emails from Twitter and Facebook go directly to their own folder. That way my inbox is not so cluttered and it again organizes my attention.

I also use a tool called HyperAlerts for my Facebook pages. It also notifies me when someone comments or posts something on my Facebook pages.

Cut Whats Not Working

Traditional approaches continue to dwindle and digital marketing continues to increase in most companies. So we need to ask ourselves when was the last time we took an honest look at our marketing approach. Can you identify items that are not working like they once were? Once you identify them now you have an opportunity to replace them with current methods. No time lost but certainly profit is gained.

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