Are you a proud Twitter addict? Join the club!

Twitter addiction can be very healthy if you can make every minute spend you there counts. Let's discuss 5 proven Twitter time management tips that you will love. I promise!

1. Raise Your Standards: Do NOT Follow Every Dog On The Street!

Do I have to follow everyone who follows me on Twitter?

The answer is: Hell no! And if you are following those who follow you automatically, please disable this feature immediately.

Twitter is loaded with privacy issues plus you never know if you are following a human or a bot! So why take the risk? Instead, you must be very selective and only follow what I call follow-worthy candidates.

Checklist of Follow-Worthy Twitter Accounts

  • A Twitter account with a meaningful picture (a human picture or a business logo)
  • A Twitter account with bio info
  • A Twitter account with a clear (NOT shortened) website link
  • An active Twitter user who tweets frequently

One last point to ponder here: Your Twitter popularity has nothing to do with the people you follow but on how you interact with your existing followers. In addition, having more followers than followings gives you more authority and makes you standout a sought after figure. This is true for all celebrities and A-listers.

2. Follow Twitter Lists Created By Influential People

If you trust someone's judgment, then following their Twitter lists will give you instant access to quality contacts.

Why reinvent the wheel if you can easily access great lists created by trustworthy people? Just a food for thought!

For more in-depth information on Twitter lists, I invite you to read the following articles:

3. Create Auto-Updated Follow-Lists Using Formulists

Let's say you want to follow people who live in a certain or area possess certain qualities. Formulists is an awesome tool that allows you to create unlimited number of Twitter lists based on any number of criteria and here's the best part: you do it once and the lists keep auto-updating and auto-populating on your behalf, giving you more time to actively engage with your network.

For more details, you may check out Garious Formulists review.

4.Curate Your Twitter Content With And Similar tools

Content curation can be time-consuming because you want to constantly deliver the best possible content to your network. However, automating the process can save you substantial time and that is exactly what is designed for. is a free content curation platform that allows you to combine content from Twitter, Facebook & RSS updates into shareable online newspapers based on preset criteria.

All you need is to set it up once and it will keep displaying updated content on daily basis.

When I wanted to create a newspaper on best Social Media tips, I took the easy route of including the "SocialMediaGurus" Twitter list created by Mike Stelzner (@Mike_Stelzner) " founder of

In doing so, I followed tip 2 by leveraging what others already created instead of reinventing the wheel. Needless to say, combining tips 2 and 4 allowed me to get the best of both worlds. I invite you to do the same.

For more time-saving Twitter content curation tips, this article is very helpful: 7 Awesome Twitter Content Curation Tips Inspired By

5. Let Twitter Automation Tools Do The Work!

In the beginning of this article, I advised agnaist auto-following people back because in this case automation is not a smart move.

How about prescheduling your tweets or using automatic Twitter brand monitoring tools? Don't you agree that such
tools could save you substantial time? These are just two examples of intelligent Twitter automation practices.

You can use common sense to decide what to automate and what not. If uncertain, this article will help you out: When Is Social Media Marketing Automation Cool, Cute or CRAP? Go Figure!.

Moreover, the following article includes a list of Twitter automating tools that vary in functionality between ROI measurement, content curation, social CRM, online reputation management, analytics and social updates scheduling: 7 All-in-One Twitter and Facebook Tools That You Will Love!

What's your take on these Twitter time management tips? Do you they make sense to you? What additional tips would you recommend? Your valuable contribution is greatly appreciated.

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