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Get Your New WordPress Blog Indexed In 24 Hours [checklist]


Installing a WordPress blog is very easy " as easy as its famous  five-minute installation. Getting indexed by search engines is another thing.

Here's what I do to get indexed by Google in less than 24 hours " your mileage may vary.

After You Install WordPress

After Going Live

Some of this may seem redundant but we're not leaving anything to chance.

Just do it step by step. Take a break, and then have a look at the results the next day - you will find that you have begun to get indexed! See how many crawlers are coming to your site with StatPress. After you get indexed, keep your site updated, attend to maintenance, optimize, promote and find backlinks from same-niche sites. If you are attracting more and more traffic to your site, then think about how to monetize it.

Good luck and happy blogging!