Content Marketing Vs Link Building – What To Focus On

by Chandni Panjwani February 12th, 2014

Digital marketers today face a difficult SEO dilemma. What's more rewarding: keyword marketing and link building or content marketing? What are the arguments for and against choosing one approach over the other? In this post, we'll address what you should be doing to improve your search traffic: classic SEO with techniques like keyword targeting and [...]

Are you working on your content marketing plan? Use these 25 questions to figure out what your plan should include:   1. What is your business strategy? 2. What products do you want to focus on? 3. What markets do you want to reach out to, including prospects, employees, investors, influencers? 4. What brand strengths [...]

How to Write the World's Worst Blog Post

by Andrew Marsh February 7th, 2014

People love to write about writing the perfect blog post. The world is full of blog experts ready to teach you about taking your blog to the next level. I am beginning to lose my interest. That is why I have set out to teach you how to write the worlds worst blog post. Follow [...]

At the base of all content marketing initiatives is the desire to attract, acquire and engage a target audience that is clearly defined and understood. This target market segment functions largely as a group – and understanding the dynamics, as well as the psychology of the masses can provide some valuable insights to content marketers. [...]

3 Content Marketing Errors Businesses Make

by Larry Alton February 4th, 2014

Most marketers were schooled in the mentality that you need to get your message out at every opportunity; content marketing changed that rule. Content Is Not An Ad The problem is, not many people realize that content marketing should not be thought of as advertising. Jeff Ogden of Find New Customers suggests that you stop [...]

When it comes to effectively running a business, effective copy writing is absolutely essential. It gets your message out to your target consumers in a clear and compelling manner, helping them to understand what precisely you are selling and why they should purchase it. While copy writing is a bit of art and bit of [...]

The Best 2014 Content Resolutions

by John Rooney January 27th, 2014

Don't Guest Blog As Often About two years ago guest blogging was very much seen as the future of link building. A great way of securing natural links within content on high quality and relevant websites. Unfortunately in 2014, this is no longer the case, with too many companies producing below-par content and publishing it [...]

Elevate Your Content by Eliminating these Common Mistakes

by Kari Pritchard January 21st, 2014

Let's say it's your first day of work at a new job. In preparation, you'll probably do your hair, pick out a new outfit and put your best foot forward before heading out the door. Why not take the same approach with content? Make it so appealing from the start that your customers can't stop [...]

How To Write A Blog Post In 1 Hour

by Victoria Hoffman January 20th, 2014

In an age of Google alerts, RSS feeds and trending topics, industry news travels faster than ever. Chances are, you or your company have been hit with a breaking news blast and needed to jump at the opportunity to keep your online community in-the-know. Or, your superb inbound strategy has been bringing in so many [...]

The perception of blogging has changed significantly over the past few years. Today, people in every industry are realizing the crucial role it plays in increasing traffic, boosting search engine rankings, and establishing authority and trust with users. A good blog can significantly increase a brand's overall online performance, it can help attract leads into [...]