One of the greatest things about working in the Search Industry is the copious amount of data that we get to play with. I have a quantitative background with an undergrad in electrical engineering and in my former life was a forecast analyst. I love numbers and the ability to pull insights from data.

A difficulty that most Canadian search professionals have is that given our proximity to the United States we rarely get access or insights into the Canadian market. Speaking to a local search professional, he exclaimed that his eyes glaze over when he reads articles from people that are trying to infer Canadian insights from US data.

With the Bing Ads Intelligence Tool you can get data on the 14 million unique searchers on the Yahoo! Bing Network in Canada

[1] with a click of a button.

Bing Ads Intelligence Tool

The Bing Ads Intelligence tool is a research tool that allows you to build and expand on your keyword list, gather research on keywords, and help generate potential traffic for those keywords through an Excel interface. Its an extremely powerful tool that allows you to peer into how keywords perform in Canada, United States France, UK, India and Germany.

Getting Started With Bing Ads Intelligence

1. First step is to go and download the Excel addin here
2. After you install Bing Ads Intelligence, a tab will appear called Bing Ads Intelligence

3. Next, sign in with your Bing Ads account, select the Country / Region and the language that you would like to do research in. If you don't have a Bing Ads account you can easily create one at:

4. After that you are ready to go!

Research Using Bing Ads Intelligence

There are many cases where you can use Bing Ads Intelligence in PPC (pay per click) Campaign management but one of the best uses is the Keyword Research Template tool. Imagine you were asked to create a PPC campaign on Winter Tires. You may wish to find out the demographic information, gender breakout, volume of searches and even other search trends. By downloading Research Template, a dashboard will be created giving you insights into this keyword.

1. First select the Keyword Research Template and the Search Insights Dashboard

2. You'll be prompted to download a template; don't forget to Enable Editing and Enable Content
3. The fields, which are shaded in yellow, allow you to set your parameters to research: keyword, device and date range
4. After your parameters are set, select Refresh All on the Bing Ads Intelligence Tab

5. You now have Canadian keyword research all done in the span of 5 minutes. Note a current limitation of the tool is that there isn't any provincial insights

Feel free to leave a comment and tell me about the Bing Ads Intelligence experience.

  1. comScore qSearch (custom), December 2012.