• 4 Steps To Manage Your Social Profiles When You're Strained For Time by Tanner Christensen

    "10 minutes isn't hard to find, for anyone. If those 10 minutes just so happen to be when you're in the bathroom on your iPhone, fine, whatever works. Just find 10 minutes a day to log-in as you and respond to those who are trying to connect with you."

  • 4 Social SEO Mistakes To Avoid by Nick Stamoulis

    "When it comes to social SEO, you not only need to know who your audience is, but you also need to learn their online behaviors. You might be trying to sell products to IT directors, but how does the average IT director use the Internet? What sites do they visit? How comfortable are they with social networking? How do they search for things?"

  • 18 Best Practices To A Traffic Driving Twitter Account by Rana Shabaz

    "Retweet other people; every one likes to be pampered."

  • 7 How To's I Learned About Pinterest by Ruud Hein

    "How To Add A Price To A Pin?In the comment section simply type the $ sign followed by the amount. A diagonal banner will appear on your pinned imaged stating the price."

  • 4 Steps To Build Social Media Embassies by Jason Philips

    "Remember that your website will always be there, whereas your social media embassies might move or close, depending on the fortunes of social networks."

  • 7 Simple Steps To Unify Your Social Media Strategy by Daniel Cassady

    "Conventional posts on the standard social networks such as Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn are generally just a bit longer than the usual tweet, therefore you need to compose multiple posts to bridge the gap between the curt soundbite and the expansive blog."

  • 10 Must Have Social Media Resources for Marketing Local Business by Chris Marentis

    "We find that many local business owners don't quite understand what a hashtag is, which means they're not clear on how to use them."

  • 5 Step Guide to Pinterest for SEO by Jonny Ross

    "Link back to your website from Pinterest. If you showcase any images and include a link back to your website you're likely to gain much more traffic than when you share an image on Facebook.">

  • 5 Tools to Ratchet Down on Social Trends by Kevin Adams

    "This is a great tool for tracking and measuring what people are saying about you or your company in real-time across the various social media properties. Social Mention monitors 100+ social media properties directly including: Twitter, Facebook, FriendFeed, YouTube, Digg, Google etc."

  • 3 Steps to Social Media Lead Generation by Mike Wilton

    "Using Q&A sites like Quora, Yahoo Answers, or LinkedIn you can help establish yourself as an expert and begin nurturing relationships that could grow from the initial interaction. If you want to get serious about helping people out you can even subscribe to services like Replyz or inboxQ to get regular updates sent to your inbox."

  • 3 Influencer Outreach Tactics You Might Not Have TriedOn Purpose by Kristy Bolsinger

    People who are truly influential on social channels often have a lot of noise on their accounts. They probably have a lot of people struggling to get their attention and many mentions and messages. They're also quite likely early adopters. Set up alerts for beta invites to social apps and networks and jump on them early. The ones that are relevant anyway. Get in there as fast as you can when the noise is at a minimum. This is your intimate moment at the bar after a conference. This is your West Wing walking the hallway scene. You have a greater share of their attention in these beta environments before the floodgates have opened. Use the opportunity wisely."