Everyone seems to have joined the social media bandwagon " individuals, friends, foes and businesses. Each one of them has a personal agenda. Some want to simply keep in touch, others want to catch up with a bit of gossip.  Most Facebook and Twitter users are looking for some fun time. Now where does this leave serious business and power users?

In terms of traffic, Facebook has sped past other sites. But truthfully, does traffic alone justify Facebook as a marketing platform? The highway next to my house gets humungous traffic all through the day, with cars whizzing past like no ones business. But it does little for my grocery shop.

Does it mean serious marketers cannot find buyers on social media sites?

Somehow no one takes it kindly when people try to sell something on Facebook. If I see someone selling stuff on any of my favorite forums, I am immediately put off. I am sure no one has yet sold anything directly on any social media site. I dont think you should attempt such a thing at all.

I think social media sites are great for providing information. Creating awareness, generating leads and eliciting interest are things you can do effectively. But everything you do must be subtle " never give the impression that you are selling. Once people smell a sales pitch, they get put off immediately.

Traffic doesnt translate into sales as far as social media sites are concerned.  Creating a buzz is a one thing but in-your-face marketing is a huge no-no. You can influence people and generate interest in your product or service but for selling you may have to use some other platform.