Two major updates centered around providing better security for Twitter users. Hurrah!

Update #1: OAuth Requirement

OAuth, short for Open Authorization, is a protocol that enables users to grant access to their accounts, without giving their usernames and passwords. It can also be used to grant limited access only.

All third-party apps are now required to use OAuth, rather than asking for a username and password.

A list of the apps that have access to your account can be found at From here you can also revoke access to your account.

Twitter Apps - Revoke Access

What this means:

By requiring OAuth, your password will not be given to, or be stored by these applications.

Update #2: Standardized URL Shortening

Twitter's link wrapping / URL shortening service will be in full effect for all links found in tweets by the end of the year. You may begin to see them already for a select number of accounts.

Twitter Help Center:

A link converted by Twitter's link service [] is checked against a list of potentially dangerous sites. When there's a match, users can be warned before they continue. Warning

What this means:

By wrapping all links via, the chances of clicking through to a malicious website is reduced.

Both of these new features will benefit the Twitter community in terms of security. This is a welcomed update given the number of new users joining Twitter every day.