Old Content, New Heat: How To Warm Your Blog With Aged Content

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Normally when people think of things that improve with age, these five things come to mind

  1. wine
  2. balsamic vinegar
  3. cheese
  4. cast iron pans
  5. pickles

Here's why you can add blog posts to this list.

Blog content you have already published should be viewed like pieces of firewood seasoning in your archived wood pile. These posts will bring your blog more heat and light when you hit those cold winter months (periods when you need more blog content in a pinch) if you season them.

Green (recent) blogs eventually turn into seasoned blogs, which morph into more highly valued content that performs (burn) even better.

Marketing expert Jay Baer once said, Content is fire, and social media is gasoline. How would you like your blog readers to burn through your repurposed content as much as your new creations?

Here are three ways to season your blog posts so they warm readers hearts for a long time

Archived Blog Posts

These are the compelling posts packed with useful information using riveting stories that never get old. The information is something people are always interested in, and will likely be 20 years from now.

Topics like online marketing, food, sex and movies are just a few examples of these topics. Whatever topic your blog covers, keeping references out that date the material will help you blog article season better, giving it energy for years to come.

Now there are times when a newsjacked blog post is effective (newsjacking is taking a current news story and somehow applying the event to your blog post.)

But when you cover topics that are highly dated, like technology of the 1980s or mood rings, these blog posts more closely resemble kindling than seasoned firewood. You will get a quick and easy burst of heat with these posts, but they will burn out quickly.


These are hot pieces of content right now.

Many content creators are getting really good at creating infographics and using them effectively. Like firewood, Infographics can get better with age as long as you consider the copy content to be the most important aspect"not the design.

If you treat the message of your infographic with timeless wisdom that avoids dated material, your infographic could be better five years from the time it was first posted.

Of course the design of an infographic is an important part and can work like gasoline to make it spread quickly. Yet design is constantly changing. Trends in design might be quite different in only a few years, so you may want to redesign the infographic. Do that and bam! You just seasoned it.


The videos that age the best are normally short in length, yet provide entertainment along with enlightenment. There are some who prefer videos to reading text, and you can keep them happy by providing brief videos that summarize your text posts. You could post these on your YouTube channel months after the text version is published.

Prepare For Next Winter

Old wood burns best. And old blog posts properly seasoned provide toasty blog content.

Everyone with a fireplace knows that the seasoned firewood burns cleaner and faster than fresh firewood.

You can use this same principle with your blog content. Old blog posts properly seasoned should be used to heat up your future content marketing.

Why not go back and look at your stack of published blogs neatly piled up, just sitting there waiting to set your blog afire.

About the Author: Matthew Kaboomis Loomis

Matthew Kaboomis Loomis has been a blogger, ghostwriter and copywriter for ten years. You can find his passion for helping bloggers and online businesses succeed at Build Your Own Blog


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