How to Find Bloggers in Your Niche

In order to have a successful presence on the web, you need to find others who share your interests, views, values, and goals. Whatever topic you happen to blog about, there are probably hundreds of other people blogging on the same topic and over a hundred fifty million blogs on other topics. That means there are plenty of bloggers ready for discovery in your own niche, but also that it can be enormously difficult to find them….

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How To Do Blogger Outreach: The Strategy, Knowledge, and Tools

Blogger Outreach Guide

The problem with blogger outreach is that the success rate can be fairly low if you don’t take the right attitude and approach to how you put the strategy together.

Here is a selection of tips that will help you put together a blogger outreach strategy that won’t fall flat on its face….

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So You Wanna Be A Social Cool Kid? Superficial Teen Morals as a Way To Build Your Network

Glee Social Cool Kid

Social media is fun, and it’s an opportunity to really give your brand a story. But if you’re having a hard time with social networking, maybe you should try hanging with the big-leaguers, or coming up with a strategy to make you one yourself. You may have read social media-related articles on adapting the morals and values of a teenager when it comes to social media. And I couldn’t agree more. To an extent, of course….

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