How to create Adwords Remarketing lists based on Analytics data

by Kristian Humle Lauritsen December 5th, 2012

About half a year ago I wrote a post about how to most effectively use the Google Adwords Remarketing functionality by building effective audiences. Since this post the Remarketing system has undergone several updates making it a much more powerful tool in the Adwords arsenal. In this post I will go through these changes, how […]

Dynamic QR Codes: Reuse The Same QR Code

by Julie Larson December 5th, 2012

Yes, you can now "go green" with recyclable QR codes! With more and more people using smartphones, the scanning of QR codes is on the rise. ScanLife, one of the most popular QR code reader apps, reported in a recent interview with Loyalty360 that they are now processing 5.5-6 million scans per month versus 1.5-3 […]

In the world of personal branding, everyone shouts from the top of the hills that you must stand out if you want to be noticed. You get it. You're mom didn't. She named you something so boring, so unoriginal, so blah. Jim Jones? Mary Brown? John Peters? C'mon! there's no way you're ever going to […]

How to Find Just One Link for Your Site

by Tom Demers December 4th, 2012

Build your links one at a time.

Win A Free Copy Of Piwik Web Analytics Essentials

by Stephan Miller December 3rd, 2012

Web analytics used to be no more than analyzing your webserver's log files, back in the days of "hits". Today, there are multiple analytics solutions to choose from, both free and paid, with a dazzling array of features. Why would you choose software that you have to install, maintain and monitor with all the other […]

When and How to Use Commas

by Linda Stacy December 3rd, 2012

Apply them according to a few rules you learned in elementary school, use them to separate items in a list, place them in dates and addresses, and put them where a pause is needed in a long sentence. Proper comma usage seems easy enough, but you might be surprised to find you are making some […]

How To Ask Your Client For A Video Testimonial

by Sean Rosensteel November 30th, 2012

Some businesses hesitate to ask clients to prepare a testimonial but testimonials are one of the best ways to boost your online credibility, both for products and services. Video testimonials? Doubly so. When posted on social media networks the influence multiplies each time someone shares the video. In addition to boosting credibility, video testimonials can […]

10 Things We Didn't Know A Week ago [Week 48]

by Ruud Hein November 30th, 2012

Smartphone penetration in Europe's 5 (France, Germany, Italy, Spain and UK) is at 53.7%. (comScore) Bing goes all out with anti-Google Scroogled site. What is Scroogled? Curious to know how Google went from search to paid shopping results? Read the Bing Timeline PDF.  ( via Time) 80% of US cell phone owners text. 50% send […]

Add a contact form to your about page to create a converting connect page instead.

Those who've been around the SEO block for some time know that there's one thing common about all those link building methods. And that is, they look good in the beginning, and they continue to pay off for some time before getting widespread and then every Tom, Dick, and Harry starts using (rather abusing) the […]