How to Design Dashboards That Make Sense

Over the past decade, there’s been a swift surge in the volume of data businesses have available at their disposal – specifically when it comes to website analytics and SEO. While this is good news, the fact remains that raw [...]

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How To Prioritize Social Media Efforts

Gone are they days where marketers could afford to ignore the shiny new ball that is social media. It is no longer something that marketers should be experimenting with; it’s 2017, and using social platforms have become a bare minimum [...]

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7 Local SEO Strategies To Give Your Business A Boost

Some critics have been braying about the death of SEO for some time now but the industry is still around and going strong. Brands and agencies are expected to spend more than $79 billion by 2020 in search optimization and [...]

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The Best A/B Testing Tools For Mobile Apps

A/B testing tools have their origin in web design, and the concept behind them is simple.

For example, you’ve got a website with a front page designed to get visitors to buy something. Sales aren’t where you’d hoped they were, and [...]

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How Monetizing Your Blog Could Lose You Business

Advertisements Can Drive Away Visitors And Cannibalize Your Business
Placing adverts on the sidebar of your blog seems a good way to earn some extra pounds. But the disadvantages can outweigh the advantages.

We all know that the key to a successful [...]

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How To Improve Your Email Campaigns Using Analytics

Around 250 billion emails are sent each day. In order to stand out from the crowd, your email marketing campaign really needs to grab the attention of your audience. There are several methods to do this – a while ago [...]

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6 Ways To Repurpose Your Blog Content

Should you repurpose your blog content? According to online marketing influencers, Crazy Egg and KissMetrics Co-Founder Neil Patel, as well as Moz Co-Founder Rand Fishkin, you should—but you should do so with care. Based from my own experience at NinjaOutreach, [...]

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Making Videos for Social Media: Do’s and Don’ts

With a billion YouTubers watching hundreds of millions of hours of video daily, and Facebook and Snapchat clocking up 8 billion daily video views between them, online video has become the medium of choice in the digital marketing world.

Jumping on [...]

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5 SEO Wins to Boost Your Website’s Traffic

What’s your New Year’s resolution for your business? Expand your customer base? Increase the number of sales? Increase the number of returning customers?

How about increasing the traffic to your website? That way you have a bigger audience to sell too, [...]

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Must-Read Tips On How To Improve Site Usability For Better Conversions

Website usability has been the black horse of conversions. Usability testing actually gives real data about how easy your customers and users are able to access and use your website. We realised that this data can effectively act as the [...]

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