Google Business View is an online marketing tool that uses the same technology as Google StreetView. It lets businesses that get found on Google display a 360 virtual tour of the business location on the Google My Business page. These tours are executed and uploaded by a Google Trusted Photographer. Google Business View is for […]

7 Hashtags Turned Bashtags: Lessons Learned

by Ruud Hein February 12th, 2015

1. Coca Cola #MakeItHappy Coca Cola's social media marketers came up with a cute idea. Add #MakeItHappy to a negative tweet and Coca Cola's Twitter bot will pick it up and use the message's characters to create a cute ASCII art image. Sounds awesome and cuddly — until your company suddenly is posting ASCII art […]

Content Marketing Success Ladder: Take These 3 Steps

by Michael Georgiou February 11th, 2015

  . This makes the content marketing landscape extremely competitive. With more and more companies using content creation and its distribution to improve brand awareness, credibility and niche authority, run-of-the mill content marketing doesn't work anymore. If you take a look at some of the best content marketing campaigns of 2014, you realize you can't […]

How To Promote Your YouTube Videos

by Matt Witkowskyj February 10th, 2015

This is a guide on how to promote video content on YouTube, with significant focus on channel optimization, harnessing YouTube settings and features, website modifications and the opportunities involved in paid video promotion. Follow these 6 tips on how to promote YouTube videos, and you're guaranteed to see an improvement in viewership, reach and overall […]

We all want to increase the traffic levels to our blogs, right? After a great year in 2014 that saw my client's blog traffic grow substantially, We have targeted an even greater increase in the New Year. Last year was about establishing the blog, and trial and error to find out what it was that […]

5 Things I Learned About SEO From Watching The Super Bowl

by Kari Pritchard February 6th, 2015

These hidden lessons from the Super Bowl struck me.

Using Content Discovery & Curation To Power Content

by Jessica Davis February 5th, 2015

A common goal of content and social media marketing campaigns is to drive more traffic to our websites. Businesses swear by the power of great content in engaging their target audience and encouraging them to interact more often and more personally with their brand. Authoritative, useful and share-worthy content is the first step to attracting […]

…When you Can't Even use a DataLayer! Have you ever needed to change the URL of your pages tracked by Google Analytics, so you can better understand how your content is performing? For example, sometimes your site may have been built so that all of your product pages or blog posts are directly on the […]

One of the foundational copywriting strategies is to tailor your copy to your customers' buying cycle. Regardless of the time your buying cycle takes, you need to communicate effectively at each stage to move customers along through the cycle. This means you need to work your copy in much the same way you work your […]

How To Identify Fake Reviews

by Kari Pritchard February 2nd, 2015

There are a lot of opinions in the land of the World Wide Web. When it comes to doing online business, these opinions can both help and hinder progress. When potential customers turn to online reviews to help them in their buying process, these opinions can make or break your success. That's why it's important […]