How To Use Snapchat Effectively For Business

Strong social media followings are important for businesses, but most companies choose to apply their efforts only to the most popular and obvious platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

While those are important, they are also expected.

By sticking only to [...]

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The Starters Setup Guide To Digital Analytics

Want to manage your digital analytics accounts like a pro? Here is what I have learned in five years.

Keep It Simple

The right tools
Your goals


Tagging tools
Digital analtyics tools
Google Analytics best practices
Google Tag Manager best practices

Clean data & reports

Dashboards & reports best [...]

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Google’s Own Payday Lending Company Not Up To Snuff

Google has announced an update to their AdWords policy on lending products.

As of July 13 (2016) Google "will no longer allow ads for loans where repayment is due within 60 days of the date of issue" nor will they show [...]

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Reviewing The Stats: The What, When & How of Consumer Search

Having a powerful online presence is critical to success. The overwhelming majority of consumers turn to the Web before visiting a local business for the first time, and they are likely to compare pricing with a competitor's while in store, [...]

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What These Goofs With 5 Billion Video Views Can Teach You

Here on Search Engine People you can read articles from some the most knowledgable video and search engine marketers in the world. There are real insights which can actually help you get more views, subscribers, and better search rankings.

But how [...]

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Can Email Marketing Impact Organic Rankings

In August 2015 Google was awarded a patent that would enable it to take metrics from its email services, most prominently Gmail, and use information gathered from its spam filters to improve its web search results.

The idea in [...]

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The 7 Key Factors That Define High Quality SEO Content

Google has rolled out dozens of updates over the years, from Penguin to Panda, and most recently its core ranking algorithm update. Each time, how the search engine giant ranked websites changed slightly.

However, since 2011, one thing has remained the [...]

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3 Killer Ways To Generate Better Blog Traffic


Blogs are ubiquitous today. Back in 2008 when ShoutMeLoud was registered, the blogging peak had not hit India - yet. However one thing that never ceases to amaze me is the timeless lure of quality. What was working back [...]

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How To Calculate Multi-Touch Attribution For Social

Social media exists across your lead lifecycle. It's a first-touch acquisition source, a last-touch conversion point, and of course, an influential part of the buyer's journey. People hear about a new brand from their friends on social media, learn [...]

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How To Pick The Best Adwords Format For Your Business

Any marketer new to Google AdWords is probably familiar with one ad-type: text ads that appear in search results.

But text-only ads are far from everything that Adwords has to offer.

Businesses can choose from several [...]

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