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Using SEOmoz Tools for Link Prospecting

As an in-house SEO, and with a budget competing with other marketing disciplines, it can be difficult to justify which SEO tools are vital, and which are more of a luxury. In-house SEOs do not have the resources of an agency, and need to choose carefully so as to maximize their budget.

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Ancient Wisdom for User Experience Web Design and Online Marketing

It’s human tradition to educate our children. As a culture, we survive by passing down what we know, what we feel, what we belief and how to do the things we learned how to do. You, as a user interface designer or online marketer, are always looking for new ways of doing things. Who do you trust to teach you? The web design, development and online marketing industries will be two decades old soon. Several exciting experiments in graphics, animation, online marketing and search keep us entertained and employed. Have you felt you wanted to pass along what you’ve learned? What theories and ideas would be fun to share?

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