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SEM for emerging markets

Over the years, I've occasionally wondered what it would be like to do search marketing in other countries - especially those that aren't on the cutting edge. Today, I got that question answered by an SEM firm based out of [...]

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Search Engine Glossary

We in the SEO world often take the lingo for granted, and we sometimes forget that the terms and acronyms we use aren't understood by all. Wouldn't it be great to have an extensive Search Engine Glossary at our fingertips? [...]

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Link development from a creative point of view

Sometimes, even the most talked about topic can be presented in a new, fresh way. I just noticed Sun Tzu's Art of Link Development and had to link to it. Much of SEO, especially link development, can often be a [...]

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Avatar advertising gone wild

Have you looked at DP (Digitalpoint) threads lately? If so, you may have gotten confused about why so many avatars all look the same. Why are there nearly 250,000 posts showing SiteSift avatars? Well, that's because Stuart McHenry had the [...]

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