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When Bounces Affect Your Rankings

Both Google and Bing have indicated that your sites bounce rate can affect your rankings in the SERPs (how much is a separate issue). This has caused some confusion among website owners, chiefly because what constitutes a bounce means different things to different people (and different analytics platforms). Lets talk about bounce rate, what it means and when a bounce will and will not affect your rankings.

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3 Reputation Management Trends & Predictions for 2012

A new year doesn't mean a new beginning for your company or individual online reputation, because as most are acutely aware, online reputation is built and maintained over time. But a new year does bring a new focus to the field of online reputation management - and in turn this will affect individuals and companies concerned with such issues.

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Social Media Marketing Misconceptions [stats]

One of the primary take-aways from the Pivot report is that social marketers are still in a somewhat obfuscated, confused state as pertains to the most basic aspects of their social strategies. In order to avoid falling into similar morasses of astigmatic market perspectives, online marketers should rely on hard data and metrics, not the seats of their pants.

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